hello. i’ve been art journaling like mad (3 hrs this afternoon…sketching in the evening, etc. – i’ve been a good girl, hee.) and doing stuff with the boyfriend. y’know, summer.

trying to post some journaling goodness, but although scanning’s fun – after 6 pps., i’m through. so lovelies, i post a few that continue to inspire me.

thx, as always.  make it count and be free.  <333

*shout-out to kelly kilmer and the lovely teesha moore for their awesomeness and continued journaling inspiration.

** the first two are from  a moleskine volant – art journal convert book that i began in the spring ’09 semester.  the third page is from my “paris moleskine,” which actually isn’t a moleskine, but an “imitation” purchased at an art store in paris last june.  that journal was my first and first completed art journal.  eep.


Scanned sketch-ness from my moleskine volant.  <333


something (now) greater than these two: love, freedom. what does that entail? ending: begin here, now. just as these words freeze, emit: transcendent phrases, now pulsing, freely. i have nothing before, i have no ties to this land, this memory or this place.
instead i am free ember, burning, racing – changing now to a wall following wall – a birth of common progress, now understood. this is something that seems existential (more real than flowers, purposefully) – this is why i reside, undetermined and now changing.