Spent much of yesterday “curled” up on a bench in Barnes & Noble perusing Keri Smith and mixed media books.  Was much inspired by Smith’s whimsical style — made me relax a bit about my big-kid approach to art and mixed media.

I just love to play and explore.  I’m sparked by curiosity and most of all an interest in art and creation – it wasn’t about being “talented” when I first discovered art as a girl.  I never thought I really was talented, that term never rung true – still doesn’t.  It doesn’t make sense because it’s out of the realm of what creating “is” for me.

I don’t consider myself an artist in the sense of “me” being different or separate – “art,” and nature (the world, universe, etc.) are so much a part of me that we’re not separate.  There’s no distinction between “me” and what “I do.”  Ya dig?

Anyway, much love to the craft-makers this season.  I’m sure you’ve all got your hands full with decorating, creating, mixing-mashing, designing this month and well into the New Year.

I’m also enjoying reading posts at a LiveJournal journaling community that I came across – very welcoming group of folks over there.